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Stray: BFA Thesis

For my BFA Thesis Project, I created a video game that teaches children to accept others, especially those who are different than you. The format of a video game was perfect for me, because it combines my skills as a designer and as an illustrator, and it is a great medium to reach children. Children are attracted to the format of games and can easily relate to the main character, and learn a valuable life lesson in the end.

The project is a 2D Puzzle Platform game (similar to Super Mario Brothers), and it includes not only the platform levels, but also mini puzzle levels that have mazes, riddles and other more challenging tasks.


Watch the gameplay trailer:


Stray Exhibit

The game was featured in the 2012 BFA Thesis Exhibition in the Snite Museum of Art.


Stray Packaging

Stray packaging and promotional piece.


Mobile Stray

Though originally intended for the Windows and Xbox gaming platforms, Stray can also be played on mobile devices, using the device's touch screen and orientation-sensing capabilities.

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